Top 10 Hospital Rankings

People talk about their experiences of healthcare – in person and online.

We think that people might want to know what other people are saying about hospitals on social media. It could help them choose where they want to go for care. And it might also help hospitals understand how they can improve their services.

Using CrowdClinical, you can see what people are saying about all the hospitals we could find that are using Twitter. We’re working on building in new functionality, allowing you to compare and contrast between different hospitals.

In the mean time, we thought you might be interested in the hospitals and health systems that we think are getting social media right. The following tables show our top 10s from what we found on the CrowdClinical platform. We looked at all tweets from February 2015 to April 2016. It will be interesting to see how these lists change over time!

October 2015 Top 10


First up – followers on twitter. The simplest measure of social media success is how many people follow you. After all, you must surely have something interesting to say. Here’s our top 10 (ranking change is compared to Oct 2015):

1. Mayo Clinic @mayoclinic 1,266,173 followers
2. Cleveland Clinic @clevelandclinic 555,824 followers
3. Johns Hopkins Hospital @hopkinsmedicine 347,405 followers
4. Mount Sinai Hospital @mountsinainyc 60,418 followers + 2
5. Seattle Children's Hospital @seattlechildren 56,671 followers
6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute @danafarber 45,729 followers + 2
7. Hospital for Special Surgery @hspecialsurgery 43,748 followers
8. Boston Children's Hospital @bostonchildrens 40,743 followers + 1
9. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia @childrensphila 34,132 followers + 2
10. UCSF Medical Center @ucsfhospitals 31,581 followers + 3


Next, who is tweeting the most? Activity is not, per se, a good thing. But active engagement on twitter suggests a hospital is not just in listening mode, but is trying to use the platform to have conversations with their users. Here’s our top 10 for tweets sent (ranking change is compared to Oct 2015):

1. Kaiser Permanente @kpmemberservice 73,600 tweets
2. Cleveland Clinic @clevelandclinic 30,373 tweets
3. Mayo Clinic @mayoclinic 29,169 tweets
4. Montefiore Medical Center @montefiorenyc 22,440 tweets
5. Lake Health @lakehealth 19,713 tweets
6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute @danafarber 18,520 tweets + 7
7. Mount Sinai Hospital @mountsinainyc 18,375 tweets + 3
8. Rhode Island Hospital @rihospital 18,272 tweets - 2
9. Vanderbilt University Medical Center @vumchealth 18,003 tweets - 1
10. ThedaCare @thedacarehealth 16,668 tweets - 3

Sentiment (20+ Tweets)

Finally, who are patients most positive about? This table looks at the hospitals that had the most positive patient experience tweets sent to them. It uses the CloudClinical approach to automatically detect which tweets are about patient experience, and then uses our approach to allocate whether the sentiment was positive or negative. For this, we’ve restricted to hospitals that had more than 20 tweets we could find. So, here’s the top 10 for patient sentiment (1 good to -1 bad; ranking change is compared to Oct 2015):

1. Children's Hospital Colorado @childrenscolo 0.703488372 + 10
2. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System @sptbgregional 0.659090909 + 14
3. Primary Children's Hospital @primarychildren 0.638888889 New
4. Arkansas Children's Hospital @archildrens 0.625 New
5. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota @childrensmn 0.592741935 New
6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute @danafarber 0.588709677 - 1
7. Nebraska Medicine @nebraskamed 0.575757576 + 12
8. OSUCCC - James @osuccc_james 0.573529412 New
9. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia @childrensphila 0.568 - 5
10. Seattle Children's @seattlechildren 0.549435028 - 9

Sentiment (50+ Tweets)

This month, we are also including Sentiment Ranking for hospitals that have 50 or more patient experience tweets. More patient experience tweets result in higher confidence for the sentiment score. Here is the top 10 (1 good to -1 bad):

1. Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota @childrensmn 0.592741935
2. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute @danafarber 0.588709677
3. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia @childrensphila 0.588709677
4. Seattle Children's @seattlechildren 0.549435028
5. Cancer Treatment Centers of America @cancercenter 0.540540541
6. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC @childrenspgh 0.490566038
7. Boston Children's Hospital @bostonchildrens 0.459537572
8. Children's Hospital Los Angeles @childrensla 0.428217822
9. City of Hope @cityofhope 0.427272727
10. Children's Mercy Kansas City @childrensmercy 0.419753086