CrowdClinical is a site administered by HealthMap. We believe that the public should pay attention to what other people are tweeting about and posting on social media about the quality of healthcare they receive. CrowdClinical.com is a free dashboard that collects, aggregates and summarizes this information for a public audience in real-time. CrowdClincal should be considered to complement data from traditional reporting platforms.

In a recent BMJ publication, we have shown that Tweets describing patient experiences in hospitals cover a wide range of patient care aspects and can be identified using automated approaches. Moreover, hospital sentiment derived from these tweets correlates to established outcome metrics (e.g., 30-day hospital readmission rates). This novel data stream represents a potentially untapped indicator of quality, and may be valuable to patients, researchers, policy makers and hospital administrators.

CrowdClinical builds on the tools discussed in our BMJ publication, and uses a combination of supervised machine learning, natural language processing and manual curation to systematically identify and rate (e.g., determine sentiment) tweets discussing a patient's experience receiving health care. CrowdClinical began monitoring tweets on February 22, 2015 and continues to track patient experience discussion in real-time.


Please email with any questions or find us on twitter @CrowdClinical.

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